Water Cleaner

If your well water smells like rotten-eggs, you are not alone. Well water odor is a common problem and many homeowners battle stinky well water.

The cause is probably sulfate-reducing bacteria, which typically survive off naturally occurring sulfur in your water and slowly corrode steel parts while generating hydrogen. Sulfate-reducing bacteria are capable of surviving in harsh conditions, like poorly aerated plumbing.

Aeration and/or chlorine treatment utilizing common household laundry bleach has been the most common method in the past to take care of smells from well water. Chlorine however has some undesirable by-products and can leave chlorine tastes and odors.


Product Features

  • Removes sulfur smell from residential well water
  • Prevents corrosion and scaling caused by naturally occurring bacteria
  • Water cleaner can oxidize hydrogen sulfide, ferrous iron, manganese, arsenic and selenium
  • Professionals use water cleaner to manage smell of sulfur at point of water entry at homes
  • Water cleaner requires very minimal equipment to treat residential water
  • Water cleaner has no taste so it will not put a taste in your home water
  • Water cleaner kills bacteria, removes non-sulfur odors, and dissolves iron in systems
  • Water treated with water cleaner provides a better taste right from your tap
  • Home management systems using water cleaner experience less tub, shower and toilet cleaning
  • Water cleaner in systems prevents shower door water spots, and iron stains on tiles and floors
  • Water cleaner is extremely safe and easy for home owners to use
  • Water cleaner is a safer and more effective solution to water problems than chlorine
  • Water cleaner in systems dissolves corrosion and scaling in plumbing, possibly increasing water pressure
  • Water cleaner in systems successfully eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, spore and yeasts
  • Water cleaner is readily available and very economical to use
  • Water cleaner has a fast reaction rate and is very thorough for elimination
  • Water cleaner controls coli form, e-coli, giardia, staphylococcus in your water system