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MB Industries, Inc. offers specialty packaging of our customers products in the latest technologies Bag on Valve system (BOV) for various products from Insecticides, odor eliminators, mold control products, enzymatic cleaners, welding accessories, to spray greases. The benefits of the BOV system include; total separation of product from the compressed air that acts as a propellant, it is a safe and environmentally freindly package, gives a quality spray, no risk of leakage, and evacuates more than 98% of the product.

Compressed air being low energy source, compared with liquefied gasses, needs to be used in a most efficient way. The BOV system offers a unique spray system with a reliable, safe, performance and Multidirectional use.

MB Industries, Inc. purchased the newest equipment offered from Beardsworth Group to provide our customers with the latest technology to fill their products. The equipment is capable of filling sizes from 2oz up to 16.9oz with a variety of products. Products to be filled are sent to a lab for stability and compatibility testing previous to packaging.

Lithograph printing and labeling are available services that we offer. "Turn Key" services are available where the can, cap, actuator, box and label are provided and only the material is required from the customer for packaging. The finished product is blended if required or used directly from product supplied, filled into cans, the actuator and cap applied, and the label applied if required.

Bulk products also can be filled with our Oden Liquid filler and sizes range from 1oz. to 5 gallon.

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