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The finest consumables for welding and metalwork

Thank you for visiting our website. Since our company's foundation in 1985 we have been striving to provide the most innovative and cost effective products for welding and metallurgical industries. All products from our range are reliable and environmentally friendly. With an emphasis on the quality of our products as well as superior customer services our company seeks to be the type of supplier you want. Our company has well developed distribution system, which, coupled with our manufacturing resources, enables us to provide competent and reliable solution for the welding and metalwork industries.

By surfing various sections of our website you will be able to find all necessary information on our products, including downloadable MSDS sheets in PDF format.

Thank you for considering MB Industries for your welding supply needs!

Michael Borges, President
Our clients

Thank to our commitment to our clients and high quality of our products we have established a base of regular clients, which includes Crown, Honda, GM, Chrysler etc.


We have recently purchased new equipment for pre-gassing aerosol cans. In the near future we will be able to offer new service to our clients.

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