What is Spatter-Kool welding coolant?

Spatter-Kool is a water-thin low viscosity welder coolant for use in all welder torch radiator circulation and recirculation systems.

Spatter-Kool is specifically formulated and recommended for all Plasma, Mig, and Tig resistance welding systems, as well as all general industrial applications.

Spatter-Kool eliminates the hazards of damaging mineral deposit build up internally, freezing lubricant lines and high frequency loss from conductive tap water.


Product Features

  • Protects down to 0 degrees
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect iron, steel, aluminum, brass and copper components
  • Lubricates pumps and liners, gaskets and seals, extending time between preventive maintenance
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • Built in rust inhibitors with non-gumming features
  • Ready to use - no dilution necessary