WHITEWATER is a premium soluble oil, stable emulsion that is well suited for a variety of machining and grinding operations. It works well with all metals and plastics, leaving no sticky residue.

WHITEWATER offers built in cleaning action that eliminates chips quickly and keeps the machine clean at the same time.

WHITEWATER is a soluble concentrate that can be further reduced up to a maximum 10:1 ratio depending on the machining or grinding operation.

WHITEWATER is fortified with biocides that are introduced during the formulating process. This eliminates the need for tankside additives which are necessary with most other comparable products.

WHITEWATER is combined with our rust and corrosion inhibitor and comines the perfect balance of lubricity and detergency for a superior finish.

WHITEWATER WORKS WELL ON aluminum, cast iron, carbon steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, inconel, exotic alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Product Feature

Tool Life Extender
Non-toxic or Carcinogenic
Non foaming with a mild sweet odor
Long coolant life in sump
Fortified with biocides, eliminating tank side additives
Built in cleaning action keeping machine clean at all times
Stablile emulsion used for both machining and grinding
Further reducible with up to 10 parts of additional water
Perfectly balanced for lubricity and detergency for a superior finish
Gentle to exposed skin and will not stain
Long sump life, controls rancidity in the tank
Aids in drill penetration and chip formation
Prevents sticky residue on sides of sump
Metal surfaces can be welded, painted or powder coated after machining
Works with metal and plastics alike
Extends blade life on band saws
Compatible with hard and soft water
Draws heat away from machined part
Natural white emulsion appearance
Conveniently packaged in gallons, 5 gallons and drums
Economically priced
Available Sizes
1 Gallon Jug
$ 11.50
2x 2.5 Gallon Jug
$ 52.50
55 Gallon Drum
$ 520.00