MB 100-C is a multi-purpose emulsifying oil based product for use in all metal working processes. It is a water soluble "LUBRI_COOLANT" for use in machining all types of metals including steel, cast iron, aluminum and stainless. MB 100-C's excellent anti-rust and germicide agents give it extended shelf life and virtually no spoilage in expensive machines. The corrosion inhibiting agents also prevent rust from forming on the finished parts after the machine operations.

Product Feature

Non Foaming
Non Smoking
Non Carcinogenic
Increases tool life at very low concentrations
Biodegradable and easily handled for removal and disposal
Non toxic; no irritation to machine operator and no odor
Non staining; either the work piece or expensive machines
Long coolant life; premium high pressure lubricants prevent premature material breakdown
Mixes well in hard water and forms a very stable non-separating coolant
Available Sizes
1 Gallon Jug
$ 29.00
2x 2.5 Gallon Jug
$ 141.25
55 Gallon Drum
$ 1,375.00