A well-known name to veteran welders "D-SPAT" has returned.

This quality product has many of the safety characteristics so important to the welding field today. D-SPAT is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic which are distinguishing features highly imporant to safety engineers and manufactures. A unique difference from competitors' products is that CO2 is the only propellant making D-SPAT non-toxic and non-flammable. D-SPAT contains no methylene chloride or hydrocarbon propellants that are harmful and contaminate our atmosphere

Product Feature

Water Based
Non Toxic
Non Flammable
Non Silicone
Non Carcinogenic
Built In Corrosion Inhibitors
No Methylene Chloride
No Flourocarbons
Ozone Safe
Improves Weld Quality
Reduces Grinding
Reduces Chipping
Reduces Excessive Cleanup
Solvant Free
No Harmful Fumes
Excellent On Stainless
Dense Molecule Product
Easy To Apply
Industrial Strength
Highly Effective Formula
Releases Fixture Buildup
Spatter Reduction Guaranteed
Available Sizes
14 oz. Can
$ 4.40