MB Industries presents an industry leading anti-spatter product. A safe, water-based formula provides the stringent performance top manufacturers demand, while providing the environmentally responsible characteristics they desire. Spatter Spatter works on stainless steel, iron, aluminum - practically any metal! Armed with built-in rust inhibitors, Spatter Spatter will protect the tool and product alike.

SPATTER SPATTER is the first anti-spatter product to feature a revolutionary compressed air system! This pure product system is better than an aerosol. It can be used in any position - even upside down! It has no propellants, is non-explosive and will evacuate 98% of the product!

Product Feature

Odor Free
Water Based
Enviromentally Safe
No Solvents
No Propellants
Highly Effective
Non-Irritating to Eyes and Skin
Recyclable Aluminum Can
Available Sizes
MB 10-A
12 oz. Can
$ 7.30
MB 10-Q
32 oz. Bottle
$ 9.50
MB 10-G
1 Gal. Bottle
$ 18.35
MB 10-5G
2x 2.5 Gallon Jug
$ 77.75
MB 10-55D
55 GAL. Drum
$ 551.00
MB 16-D
16 oz. Jar
$ 5.50